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Amazing facts About Marijuana

When the number of those who use marijuana rises daily you definitely know that there is a story about the plant. There sure something about the plant on a daily basis. There is still something said about the plant from historical times. If you like knowing what is said about marijuana here are some additional stories. You can find time to read more about the article and discover more about this unusual plant.

The first exciting thing about this product is that, students way back in 1971 discovered that they could use the internet to trade the plant from one college to another. No one was able to tell how much of the outcome of this herb changed hands that tie from one college to another. The first internet purchases where for the marijuana products. At the same time you may also be interested you know that Shakespeare was a great fun of the product. Some scientist who studied his pipe brought the truth. Other products were also examined from his garden and confirmed that the guy honestly took the stuff.

Something else that you may need to know is that despite the widespread of the plant, no one can trace its origin. There are stories that the first person to use the plant as the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. Despite the person behind the first use of the plant, it later spread to many other parts of the world. It was also used a medication in those historical times of the Emperor. The scientist still believe that the plant is good for as a relief from pain.

Something else that is interesting about the plant is that infants tested positive when they were tested in North Carolina. People later discovered that it was the soap the babies were using that brought a positive test for marijuana. The most amazing thing is that these products are present in common brands like Johnson And Johnson among others. The good thing is that the parents were not charged with child abuse charges.

The use if the name marijuana to mean cannabis was not until the Mexican immigrated to America in 1920 due to civil war in Mexico. You may also want to know that Uruguay happens to be the first country to allow the use of cannabis legally. You may not have understood everything if you have not heard that in Italy there is a community of Rastafarians originating from Jamaica. For these people despite that fact that Italy has not legalized the use of marijuana, they are allowed to use it legally in Italy. They predicted that it was part of their faith to take part in the marijuana smoke. That is how they were allowed by law to use it.

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